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Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Research Center

In 2012, FST succeeded to obtain the necessary license for a research center from the ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade of Iran, and subsequently established its own Metallurgical and Mining Material Processing Research Center.
This research center, which is among the most distinguished centers in the field of iron ore, copper, and steel industries in the middle east, is equipped with advanced systems and boasts innovative and elite human resources. As a unique center in the country, it manages the Research and Development (R&D) process in the company. In the last years, many research papers have been presented by center researchers in major international conferences.
During three decades of operation, the company has been able to secure activity licenses from related regulatory organizations and institutions, and is permitted to operate in the fields of engineering design, building and operation of mineral processing factories for: iron ore concentrate production, pelletizing, steel making, and factories for processing and smelting copper and aluminum.
Fakoor Sanat Engineering Company possesses experienced and knowledgeable human capital, and as a specialized and experienced general contractor, collaborates with major Iranian and foreign companies to be able to share their technology, experiences and abilities.

Photo Gallery Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Research Center

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